Selling Tenanted Property

Selling Tenanted Property

Communication with mutual respect is paramount and it becomes the foundation for trust between both Agent & Tenant throughout the marketing process when a property has gone up for sale.

In my experience as both a Sales Agent and Property Manager, I have always found the experience to be a harmonious one, why? Because I learnt to provide a high level of communication to my tenant’s from the very moment my client decides to sell their property. Remembering the very appeal the property had to the Owners as an investment may well appeal again to another investor.

How do we do this.

#  Providing clear information regarding the process to my tenant as to what we will do, inspections, photography, how we will contact them, what’s acceptable to the them and what is not, I work with my tenants and guide them through the process.

#  I treat my tenant with respect, it’s important to me that everyone is okay, I give my tenant’s feedback on how the inspections have gone, who’s looking and what stages we are at with buyers. I also give my tenants every opportunity to make an offer to purchase the property if it is a possibility.

#  Expectation’s and processes are given to the tenants from the very beginning as to what happens when the property goes under contract, what happens to them as the tenant, what the process is what they need to do, this really helps my tenants have peace of mind throughout the process and builds a trusting relationship.

Alternatively if you don’t do this, the lack of clear communication will allow fear & anxiety to develope which causes all sorts of drama’s.

If your agent doesn’t communicate with your tenant then your tenant will not co-operate with them because they will feel that the agent is not taking their needs into consideration. This in turn can cause major problems in the selling process resulting in loss of income or worse still restricting access and or no inspections.

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