Fire Safety & time to change battery

Fire and Rescue NSW have a nice reminder every year, that with the change of the clocks, it’s a good time to also change the battery in the smoke alarm, which is a great reminder for owners & tenants alike. They also inform us that statistics reveal that almost half of all home fires are started in the kitchen and 43% of all fire fatalities occur in winter.

Fire and Rescue NSW recommend this simple safety checklist to help keep homes fire safe this winter:

  • Most importantly, have an adequate number of suitable smoke alarms installed throughout the home and make sure that they are tested regularly.
  • Make sure you and all your family know two safe ways out of every room in your home.
  • Have a written home escape plan in case of fire and practice it regularly.
  • Never ever leave cooking unattended.
  • If there is a fireplace in the home make sure the chimney is clean.
  • If there is a fireplace always place a screen in front of it when in use.
  • Check electric blankets for damage or frayed cords before placing on the bed.
  • Take care to keep curtains, tablecloths and bedding away from portable heaters.
  • Keep wet clothing at least 1 metre from heaters or fireplaces and never leave unattended.
  • If you use a clothes dryer make sure you clean the lint filter each and every time you use it.
  • Only use one appliance per power point and switch off when not in use.
  • Always extinguish candles or any other open flames before going to bed.
  • Always handle candles or any other open flame with care.
  • Store matches or lighters in a secure place not accessible to young children.

Sourced from Fire and Rescue NSW