Strata Meeting Success

Strata Meeting Success delivers thriving Strata Communities with mutual harmony of the Owners’ Corporation, Strata Committee and their appointed Strata Manager.
At Russell Property we find that a Strata plan requires a collective approach in order to maintain processes like General secretariat, Communication with property stakeholders, Meeting preparation & delivery, Financial reporting, Accounting, Budgeting, Levy Invoices, Arrears management, Contract management, Co-ordination of maintenance, Application of By-Laws & issuance of notices. For this purpose, each of these bodies needs to conduct proper meetings to achieve strata meeting success where they can share ideas & views on the Strata Management of the Community.

It is essential that open and transparent conversation takes place within the meetings to ensuring a democratic community prevails delivering a convenient & easy care lifestyle to the stakeholders. It is also an opportunity to disseminate as well as collect information from the Community. These meetings serve to direct the Strata Manager for the pursuing period will be classified as Annual General Meeting, Extraordinary General Meeting & Strata Committee Meeting depending on the intended purpose while observing established criteria.

Strata Communities are an essential part of today’s landscape and we should give our full potential to make them successful.