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The key to successful strata management is communication & you will never be just a number. Your calls & emails will be acknowledged no later than the following business day even if a detailed response is yet to be finalised. With our state of the art computer system, all your most requested documents, Levy payments information about your scheme is easily & securely accessible from your computer, 24 hours a day.


Maintenance & Repair Management


Russell Property Partners has access to many experienced contractors from a wide range of trades & specialties to ensure that maintenance repairs are conducted in a professional & cost effective manner to the specifications set out by the Executive Committee.


Accounting & Financial Management


Our state of the art trust accounting system which fully complies with the Strata Schemes Management Act with easy levy payment & management system.


Record Keeping & Document Management


One of the most important roles of a Strata Manager is the accurate keeping of documents relating to your Strata Scheme.




One of the recognisable parts of Strata Management is the arrangement, chairing & providing accurate minutes of your General Meetings. (also your Committee Meetings, if required)


Dispute Resolution


Unfortunately from time to time in community living disputes arise. Our managing agents are experienced in assisting & facilitating dispute resolutions.


Our focus is to find solutions assisting you to achieve your strata goals


By-Law Management & Advice


Russell Property Partners can provide assistance & advice to strata owners regarding management & enforcement of your by laws.




Maintaining your insurance is in compliance with the Strata Schemes Management Act & can manage your claims through to completion.


We can help you achieve your objectives?


We employ strategies to ensure you achieve a stress-free Community Living Scheme, as every property is different; we give personal service to ensure that you achieve success with Scheme.


One personal point of contact: A real-estate qualified professional who is trained to handle each & every aspect of managing your scheme. This person will get to know both you and your property personally, and offer you the best possible service.


Moreover, the Team at Russell Property Partners is enthusiastic, responsive, and intelligent, has a sense of humour, and are approachable and understanding.


For more information regarding Russell Property Partners Strata Management call 02 4947 8088 or email strata@russellproperty.com.au for our Information Pack.


Download our Strata Management guide below.

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