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Making Management of your Property Easy and Effective


Russell Property Partners take care of all aspects of your property investment to save you time and effort, while at the same time working towards your long term objectives of capital growth and tax management. As a busy person, you require the day-to-day management of your property to be handled with professionalism, enthusiasm and commercial acumen. From repairs and maintenance, to tenant monitoring and monthly statements, our fine-tuned service will suit you perfectly.


Realising the True Potential of your Property


Achieving optimum rent means knowing the market and having the skills to negotiate the best possible rental. We are constantly monitoring the market and initiating with your approval appropriate rental reviews on your behalf.


Minimise Vacancy


We understand that minimising vacancy maximises the return on your investment. Results show that our vacancy rates are statistically considerably lower than market rates, marketing properties prior to departure and establishing good relationships with tenants to ensure co-operation with access for Open for Inspections.


Tenant Appraisal


Our stringent tenant verification process includes a 100 point system similar to that used by banks. In addition, we check the national database of the Tenancy Information Centre Australasia, call the tenant’s previous leasing agent as well as confirm their current employment.


Zero Arrears Tolerance


Before an arrears issue arises and even if rent is just one day late, we follow the tenant up with an immediate SMS and phone call from the Property Manager if not corrected within a couple days. As a last resort, after several points of contact, tenants are issued with a termination notice on day 15 of non-payment, but careful monitoring and personal contact with tenants generally prevents this situation from arising.


On Top of the Paperwork


As leading agents in embracing new technology to offer a more efficient service, our landlords are paid both Mid Month & End of Month by electronic transfer and statements are sent monthly either by email or standard mail. Payments of levies, council rates and all other outgoings are recorded on Income and Expenditure statements to make it easy for your accountant to lodge your tax return.


How can we help achieve your objectives?


At Russell Property Partners, not only do we employ strategies to ensure you achieve an easy and effortless return on your investment, but because every property is different, we give personal service to ensure that you achieve success in your individual property situation.


One personal point of contact: A real-estate qualified professional who is trained to handle each and every aspect of managing your property. This person will get to know both you and your property personally, and offer you the best possible service.


Moreover, the Team at Russell Property Partners is enthusiastic, responsive, and intelligent, has a sense of humour, and are approachable and understanding.


For more information regarding Russell Property Partners Property Management call 02 4947 8088 or email for our Landlords Information Pack.

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