Stress free strata management

Our decision to commence Strata Management in 2013 was not taken lightly and its reassuring to receive the feedback from clients impressed with our fresh approach and who are now referring friends looking for a fresh start. The issue with many of the existing firms is that they have become bogged down in the process developed over many years and haven’t been able to respond to changes in client demands or in technology.

  • More ways to make payments – Flexibility 
  • Our Office is Open 6 days a week – Available 
  • More Site visits by your Strata Manager – Hands-on
  • Choice of Onsite or Our rooms for meetings – Freedom 
  • A Simpler, easy to understand Fee structure – No Surprises
  • Each complex is free to choose what suites them – Independence 
  • Every Owner has access to a password protected online account – 24/7

There is No-additional charges for any of these options – to us there standard. If you would like to know more contact us on 4947 8088 or email